Artist Statement

My work investigates memory, time and the fragility of human connection. Found wood, shattered mirror and hand dyed paper become vehicles for content. The history of these materials, and the traces of process that remain in the completed work speak to the way in which humans hold the physical, mental and emotional marks of personal experience. Mirror shards pierce wood; wood is scarred, drilled through; paper is burned, inscribed, dipped in wax, and spills from wood crevices. Burning, used throughout history to destroy, purify, obliterate and sanctify, evokes absence and presence, shadow and light. Shadows appear as projections of physical existence, an evidence of presence. They emerge and are cast as the ephemeral marks of what is now absent, no longer material: the mark making of physical loss. The results are physical representations of what is remembered, what is held, lost, transformed and marked within.